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Wind turbine circuit

To activate the programming in Minecraft, press the letter C on your keyboard and choose the Makecode option as the programming software. Once the program opens you will have activated the workspace where you will design your code by dragging and connecting the different pieces you need.

To begin this challenge, place yourself on the block that marks the beginning of the path and look for the following command block.

This block must be placed inside a blue block and then send the order to the Agent to teleport to your position.

To send an order with the Agent you have to write a word inside the blue block in which you have connected all the orders. You must write this word in the same way in the game chat and press Enter, so that the Agent carries out the instruction.

Help your Agent to overcome the maze with the movement blocks.

Connect the different blocks to make the Agent move through the maze.

When you have the orders ready in MakeCode, type the word in the blue block in the game chat, so that your Agent will follow the orders. 

These blocks are an example of the blocks you will need, but you can modify all of them by changing the values that are boredered in white or by clicking on the arrow next to them. 

The Agent may not behave properly because it is not facing the correct place. Always check that the Agent is positioned correctly, and if not, use the «TURN» command to rotate the Agent to the correct position.