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To activate coding in Minecraft press the letter C on your keyboard and choose the Makecode option as the programming software. Once the program opens you will have activated the workspace where you will design your code by dragging and connecting the different pieces you need.

Place yourself on the block that marks the beginning of the activity and look for the next command block.

This block must be placed inside a blue block and then send the order to the Agent to teleport to your position.

Remember to fill the Agent’s inventory with the materials to be able to build.

Use repeating blocks and variables to rebuild. This way you can use the same code as many times as you

Keep in mind that this construction has equal sides, so the same command can be repeated as many times as you need.

In this section you can find blocks such as «always do» or «repeat x times».

These blocks are C-shaped so you can put inside them all the blocks you want to be repeated.

Remember to use the movement and cultivate blocks to make your agent perform this action.

In addition, you will have to choose the slots in which to place the material you want in each position. Place all the materials you are going to use in the order of use in your Agent’s inventory.