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The Dome

Welcome to this exciting quest! This time you will have a chance to help make the world a better and healthier place. To do so, you will have to go back in time.

At the time, pollution was increasing daily, and the humanity on Earth still had a chance to reverse its effects. Humanity had the knowledge necessary to live in a sustainable environment and to utilize nature’s resources without exploiting them. Just like our environment in The Dome. 

Before starting this time travel you will have to pass three challenges. In each of them, you will learn how to manage the resources, how to produce energy and make an efficient use of it. But don’t worry, we will explain in detail the next steps to follow. Now you need to get to the elevator and push the button to get up to the next floor. There you can find all the required information. You will be led to find the time machine.

Good luck with your journey! We will wait for you to return.